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  • Listening to: Zero7
  • Reading: The God Delusion
  • Drinking: Gin
Some updates:

Check out the new company website:F3D
Which also has the new Showreel, done by yours truly: F3D Reel

...and life goes on...
  • Listening to: Mathieu Chedid
  • Reading: Die Maechte des Feuers
  • Watching: This&That
  • Playing: Skyrim & Battlefield 3
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: Water
Well It's been a while since I posted a Journal update.
Some stuff to tell:
- Now single again for the past 3 months.
- Work is boring (hope nobody that I know reads this!)
- Done some vdo stuff lately, the main reason for this update...

A timelapse of a recent Photoshoot:

Music video I did from footage of a trip my friends and I took here in Thailand:

Well guys I guess there won't be another Journal for a while again.
So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....

  • Listening to: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
  • Reading: waiting for a book actually
  • Watching: SciFi and Universal channel
  • Playing: just finished "Hired Guns" (it fails big
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Tea
Oke I'm finally all done with my short film.
Well actually abt 3 months ago but i was just too lazy to upload it somewhere.
So now here it is:  My Senior University Project: Project::HACK

In other news:
- Done with Uni
- Looking for a job
- Thailand went from beeing insanely hot to cold weather in a week
- Sister moved back here
- Looking for a condo in Bangkok
- Hooked on "Jericho", "Reaper", "JPod" and "House M.D."
- "Star Trek" was the shit
- also the finale of "Battlestar Galactica"

that's all..

See u in a year!
  • Listening to: The Verve - Forth
  • Reading: John Grisham - The Brethren
  • Watching: nthing
  • Playing: Mass Effect
  • Eating: Thai
  • Drinking: Beer
it's almost done
need tweaking though and adding of sound effects and better ambience
but netherlkess have a look if u want
here are the links

My Shortmovie on Youtube...2parts

  • Listening to: NIN - The Slip
  • Reading: Dan Brown - Deception Point
  • Watching: The Dark Knight
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed
  • Eating: Instant Noodles
  • Drinking: H2O
Well it's been a while since I've updated this thing so I thought I might well do it tonight. :D

First of all I am working on my Shortfilm for this semester. Shooting will be in about a month and I hope everything will go as planned.

Then I just watched The Dark Knight last week and I loved it. I know, I know it's everywhere right now but you have to agree with me that Heath Ledger just is the fantastic Joker. A shame he's dead, because I've read somewhere that he was actually in the script of the third installment. So now I'm quite curious on how they will finish the trilogy. Well we just have to wait and see. In the meantime waiting will be eased by the upcoming Watchmen movie which, looking at the trailer, will be a blast.

Thirdly, I want to photograph more. But not architecture and nature, but models. Need really get some people into the studio this semester and experiment a little. Problem is to find willing models. Damn.

Anyways keep it tight and see you soon...
  • Listening to: Deftones
  • Reading: 3ds Max Tutorials
  • Watching: the world spin...
  • Playing: with myself (yet again *sight*)
  • Eating: Thai and Thai and Thai
  • Drinking: H2O
Well so now that my piece for the PepperProject is done I'm back to reality and to my final projectas and exams this and next week.
Stressed out but also happy that I got this big monkey off my back.

Going to Garmany on the 25th of March till the 5th of April to be at my mum b-day party.
The lady is getting 50 and I still have to decide what she get's from me for that special occasion.

Also lot's of work for me during the next month because of some pressure in finishing a translation job.

After all that it's time for my internship at Imagimax here in Bangkok.

So all of u who actually read this,

  • Listening to: NIN - Year Zero
  • Reading: Bernhard Hennen - Elfenwinter
  • Watching: Transformers
  • Playing: The Elder Scolls IV - Oblivion
  • Eating: Thai
  • Drinking: Regency
Well the recent Pictures were taken on my trip to Germany and the way back.

Also trying out a new signature with the ones uploaded today.
Tell me if u like it...

Got an graphic design account last week and this one will graduatly help me pay my bills, and i hope more will follow.

Looking forward in doing some work in ZBrush 3 which i will get these days. I wonder if i can use it right straight away (wishful thinking). :D

Saw Transformers 2 days ago and it was awesome.
Well especially for me, as I am a long term fan of the franchise!
Bumblebee and Starscream rocken :D

  • Listening to: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
  • Reading: Isaak Asimov - Gold
  • Watching: 300
  • Playing: Thief - Deadly Shadows
  • Drinking: BEER
Ok first of all sorry for the lower quality of these pictures i've uploaded today.
They were all taken with a manual and so i neede to scan them. =.=
well besides that i think they turned out very well and I hope u enjoy them as much as i do!

The other topic is that my dad canceled my flight back to germany one day before it was sceduled =.=
So right now i'm pissed and sad that i pbly wont see my mum, grandfather, the rest of my family and friends.
Haven't seen them in 2 years!
But somehow it will work out, it always does.
Till then have fun with the new pics and give me lot's of comments and :+fav:'s ;)

  • Listening to: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
  • Reading: RIM
  • Playing: with myself
  • Drinking: BEER
Ok guys,

my Cycle with the pictures of the temples in Bangkok is done now.
Nope, no more pics there.
But then i still have some other stuff lying around just waiting to be scanned!
And because uni is over end of this week I will have enough time to upload them.
Have fun with these for now and see u laters

  • Listening to: Audioslave - Revelations
  • Reading: Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves
  • Playing: Total War II
  • Eating: nthing today, on diet =.=
  • Drinking: water
Just a question...

would anyone buy any kind of prints from me?
If so what pictures and what size.
wanna have a feetback before i go wild and open lots of pictures for printing!

Wow a bunch of new pics all so suddenly and out of nowhere all done with a crappy cam but well have fun anyway and support futon one of the best new bands there is around
Study, study, study.....

arghhhhhhhhh this is killing me!
no time for nothing except College =.=
So at the moment everything is falling down on me.
I have a father who doesn't respect what I'm doing.
And now he is kicking me out of the house.
I have until the 27.08.2005 to find an appartment though!
Why this date u ask o.O
Well it's my 21 birthday and this drunken egomaniac is telling me that from that day on he has nothing more to do with me.
So now I have to find a roof to sleep under...
Well it's better that way there is no more family relatet reelationship between us. I hate him with the bottom of my heart and when he reads this by accident he is going to kill me.
We already had our fights where he came screaming at my door, totally drunk in the middle of the night, where he told me that he will kill me.
This man is a pitty with no real friends, every evening drunk and totally brainless!!!
There will be no more contact with him when I'm out of the house.
Even if he tries to call me (and I know he will) i will not answer.
He likes to be in contropl of things but I don't want to go where he went in his life.
What can u expect from a butcher?
there is no more feeling left in him.

If I have this periode behind me I will probably make some new pictures but right now I just don't have the energy to do something.

Well I hope to see u all...

University starts soon and I'm quite out of money (as always =.= )
done guite a lot these past few weeks and I will keep my work up
so that a steady flow of pictures is coming to DA :D
will write again when university starts again
am lazy in such things ^^*
yehaaaaaaaaa I've finally got 1,000 hits!

was a long time though =.=

well I think my next pic is gonna change that will be ready someday next week!!!
So it's been 5 month since my last Journal
sorry for that but i was kinda busy with moving to thailand and university and stuff
so today i took myself some time and searched DA for some new favs and i can tell u that my favourites are packed with new pics
so check it out and look in the gallerys of this awsome artists

i was not unbusy, too
i have some awqsome scabs i made over the last 5 months
and when my pc is finally here at the end of the week i also have a chance of colouring and submitting them!!!
i worked hard to learn how to properly draw a human and made some perspective studys
so stay tuned for some awsome pics that i will make :D
i hope u will like it and give me lots of favs and devwatches

so greetz from thailand

So... its not much time until the 09.08.04 the day i will show my back to sweet germany and all my friends T.T
Thailnd i'm coming so don't tread me bad :D
i donno when i will have an i-net line at my new place there
and i have to study a lot i think  :cries:
so maybe there will be some deviations until the 9th but i'm not shure
i'm working on a pic right now but it's far from completion ^^;
maybe i will meet some thai deviants there in my 6 year journy of exploring asia  :meditation:
wish u all good luck
and maybe we will meet someday

it's hot and i'm going to bed now  :sleep:
the newest pics i loaded up are from my trip to Thailand in december
there are a few choices in color or b/w tell me which ones u like better :D
after posting nothing for a long periot I've uploaded some new Pics from my Nightwalk in my Hometown :D
Hope u all like the pictures and give me a lot of Comments and Favs ^^

C u later V-S